Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What are perfume oils?

Pure perfume oils are far more sophisticated than perfume with fillers. Absolutely no alcohol. You are definitely getting your money's worth. Never offensive or overpowering, long lasting and balanced. They occupy only your own private space and leave a gentle trail only where you choose.

Q2. Is it a high quality product?

Just like jewelry, pure perfume oils vary tremendously in quality. We have put an enormous amount of effort into selecting the best possible quality pure perfume oils of every type. The oil has to carry the SAME NOTES as in the original designer for it to have the same scent, and there has to be a HIGH PERCENTAGE of Concentrated Fragrance compound in the oil to make it STRONG. But do take note as it is purely oils, it may be a bit different to some, as alcohol in perfumes tends to kill off some of the nicest notes in many fragrances which in pure form are truly delicious. Nevertheless, the pure oils will still give you the best scents of what your perfumes are suppose to smell like.

Q3. What's wrong with my commercial perfumes?

All commercially available "perfumes" are actually perfume oils with fillers. The fillers are usually mostly alcohol, sometimes with water. The alcohol filler has two main purposes:
First, and foremost, it causes the perfume oils to evaporate faster than they would by themselves - up to 10 or 15 times more quickly! This gives the impression that the perfume is 10 or 15 times stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a fragrance, the aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you. It is also why the scent is almost all gone within one or two hours. The perfume oils have evaporated along with the alcohol!
The second reason for all those fillers is just 'good' marketing -- a bigger bottle containing fragrance plus fillers seems like a much better value than a smaller one of pure oil. This illusion is further reinforced by the strong, short-lasting, alcohol driven aroma.

Q4. What's wrong with alcohol anyway?

It is not very good for you. Perfume fillers generally use ethyl alcohol, sometimes called ethanol. Your body considers ethanol to be a poison and many people who think they are allergic to perfume are actually allergic to the alcohol in the perfume

Alcohol is also a drying agent -- used by industries all over the world as an additive to make thing evaporate very quickly. Unfortunately for you, as the alcohol evaporates, it also takes away the fragrance and your own natural body oils along with it, drying your skin as it goes!

Day after day, customers tell us our versions smell better than the originals. Perhaps the lack of alcohol or, in some cases, higher quality oils makes the difference. Ounce for ounce, our perfume bottles contain fifteen to twenty times as much pure perfume oil as the typical Eau de Toilette, but choosing pure perfume oils is not so much a question of saving money, as it is of getting your money's worth.

Q5. How long can a bottle lasts?

A 10ml bottle can last up till 5-8 weeks or more of daily usage.*
*May vary among users

Q6. How long is the shelf life for the oils?

With regard to the shelf life... it is best to store the perfumes in a cool dry place. When stored like this, there should be little or no deterioration for up to 3 years or more. Even with poor storage conditions, it should be fine for up to a year or more.

Q7. Are these ready stocks?

No. These are pre-orders which will usually take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. All perfume oils listed here are shipped directly from U.S. 

Q8. How frequent will the pre-order be opened?

At the moment until further notice, pre-orders will be done once a month. It is best to place your orders during the time frame given or your orders will have to wait until the following month.

Q9. Can I only buy 1 bottle?

Sure! No minimum purchase. 

Q10. I have sensitive skin, is it safe to use these oils?

Different person has different type of skins. We recommend that you apply a little on your skin and wait for 24 hours. If redness or rashes occurred, discontinue usage on skin. You may DAB it on your clothing instead.  The smell do linger much more longer.

Q11. How much are your fragrances?

All of our fragrances are $7 each.

Q11. How about the mailing charges?

First class shipping is used for the time being. Shipping cost will be $2.00 for the first item and each additional item $0.75 each.

Q14. Do you give refunds or exchanges?

Sorry, we do not give refunds or exchanges.

Q14. How do I make a purchase?

You can place your order on the Pricing/Place Your Order Page by filling out the purchase form.